Effective product development: how to do it, mistakes to avoid, who to turn to

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What is product development activity

Product development is a very broad concept and includes processes, technologies and different teams that must coordinate towards a single goal.

product concept

Obviously the focus of any team and company involved in developing a new product is its success.

To achieve this, specific and effective skills are needed to be implemented quickly.

Speed ​​and timeliness are necessary elements to guarantee the rapid evolution of market needs and the increasingly short life cycle of products.

The methodology for product research and development

The product development methodologies are different in terms of approaches but also because each of them focuses attention on different phases and actors.

It is certainly essential to have a complete picture, acquire skills and competences, analyze different approaches for product development.

Now we will show you our approach to starting a new and innovative product.

First of all, we need to make a useful clarification to define our field of application and experience.

How many parts is an industrial product made up of? What are the areas of expertise?

Generally an industrial product is composed of two parts: hardware and software.

All our know-how is concentrated in the development of the aesthetic and functional part, we can therefore say that it concerns the hardware part of the new product to be customized.

The starting point for the development of a new product is the collection of specifications: in this step we share with the customer all the operating details, the dimensions of the mechanical components and any other information useful for understanding the desired purpose reach.

Our methodology follows all the requirements of “intelligent design“: the aesthetic study of the product is closely linked to the requirements of functionality and manufacturability.

The aim of each new project is to create products with a unique and distinctive design, efficient, easy to use, intuitive and developed for manufacturability.

From idea to product

After sharing the specifications with the customer we can proceed with the development of the new product.

Product development ideation
Product development: product 1
Product development: product 2

We can enclose all the steps in 4 fundamental phases:

  • Different aesthetic proposals that take into account functionality, ergonomics, usability and production technology;

  • 3D virtual modeling to visualize the projects and share the different product alternatives as well as the distinctive elements of each proposal;

  • Rapid prototyping to validate product design and functionality;

  • Engineering and industrialization of the product to start mass production.

As part of these operations, an element that must always be monitored is time. If all the steps follow a regular development, the average time to reach production is from 13 to 15 weeks.

Another element to always monitor is costs, you can find the answer by downloading the ebook on How much it costs to develop a new product.

The technologies used

When we talk about technologies we are referring to the tools used for development.

All design and planning phases involve the use of software technologies for design, we prefer the use of Rhino and for 3D design SolidWorks.

For prototyping we have the possibility of using all 3D printing technologies (with plastic, metallic and ceramic materials),workshop processes and vacuum casting (silicone mold replicas).

Industrialization through injection molding and aluminum die casting.

The know-how

The experience in this area is mainly based on the number and type of products developed.

Certainly a qualified staff, continuous training and constant investments in technologies and research and development activities are equally fundamental for the success of the projects.

Topics such as the recent regulation and certification on medical devices, as well as the study and analysis of new ways of studying the design for living machines inspired by Biomimicry, are the subject of continuous updating by our development staff.

All these elements contribute to making us an ideal partner.

Concrete Examples

In 20 years of activity we have more than 500 products developed in different industrial sectors and this can only be a guarantee of results.

An example could be Zherox®, a device for rapid biodecontamination. A complete project that we followed from design to series production.

Another complete project that demonstrates our product development skills is the professional iron.

Iron product development for professional use

Why choose Coesum as a partner in product development activities

We have extensively described our skills and experiences.

Certainly a reason we can add is the possibility of having a single interlocutor for all phases of product development.

This guarantees rapid development times and absolute effectiveness in the transition between all steps even when we follow a single development phase.

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