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The Bikee Bike kit has an ambitious goal: to turn every bicycle with standard chassis in an electric bike high performance.

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The idea was conceived in 2014 by two brothers of Reggio Emilia, Luca and Matteo Spiaggiari, both with different experiences: the older brother, Luke, has worked in the automotive field in the Far East, Matteo in the field of electric motor drive in America. Once back in Italy, both have had the opportunity to confront with a friend of their who worked in the field of ebike, which points out to them as in Italy there is a serious shortage of electric bikes capable of supporting common climbs hill or mountain typical of our territory. Drawing on their knowledge and experience, they accepted the challenge and manage to create a powerful engine, light and more importantly with an easy installation on any bicycle.

The technology used is very innovative: it is essentially a kit consisting of a powerful but small engine, installed between the two cranks after removing the middle of the bike movement. The substantial advantage is primarily the saving of approximately one thousand euro compared with the average assessment of existing electric bikes on the market and ensures a high degree of personalization at the same time and a powerful engine capable of withstanding the most loads.


Currently Bikee Bike shows two versions of the product, a 250W for Europe and another 500W for Switzerland, while for the battery will be from 48V and 10 ah, with customization possibility for those who prefer a lighter model. Outside Europe they are also offering more powerful models, such as those to America from 799w and 900w.

The project won the Edison Award Pulse from 65 thousand euro, the Ford award for best start-up automotive at CES 2016 and Mechatronics Italian Prize 2016 Section startups and it is now available for presale through the well-known portal Kickstarter where the acquisition provides a strong discount up to 40% of the original value.

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