Domestic aids for the elderly and disabled

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As part of the Abruzzo Regional Program FESR 2021-2027 – “Avviso Sostegno a progetti di Ricerca e Innovazione delle imprese afferenti ai Domini tecnologici della Strategia Regionale di Specializzazione Intelligente RIS3 Abruzzo 21-27” our company was the beneficiary of a public contribution for a research project focused on the design and production of domestic aids for elderly and disabled users.

The project

Our company is specialized in supporting its customers in the development of new and innovative products. The idea surrounding this project is to concentrate efforts on assistive products for a group of users made up mainly of elderly and disabled people. In concrete terms, the research will lead to the creation of a new line of domestic products for elderly users with minimal and medium physical difficulties, following the Design Driven Innovation approach, the LCD (Life Cycle Design) and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodologies and 3D printing techniques.

Over the years we have started an initial research activity which, in consideration of our know-how and our internal specialisations, has specialized in these specific users and provides the project with a high degree of technological maturity. Its starting point to date it is TRL between 6 and 7 according to the definition reported in the document Technology Readiness Levels, Horizon 2020 – WORK PROGRAM 2016-2017 General Annexes – Commission Decision C (2016) 4614 of 25/07/2016 of the European Commission.

In this project we avail ourselves of the consultancy of the Design Group of the “G. D’Annunzio” University of Chieti-Pescara, in order to implement the research activity by improving the design of products with high ergonomic qualities. The tests that we will carry out on prototypes and models will also serve to increase the performance of the prototype materials that we use and that we intend to improve from a mechanical and performance point of view in general.

Human well-being at the center

From studies conducted in the Healthcare and Welfare sector, together with the analysis of the healthcare supply chain and society as a whole, the need to review the concept of “disability” in an innovative and collaborative way emerges. This evolution of the concept of disability has a significant impact on the demand for prosthetic devices and assistive devices, bringing about changes in the system for providing them. This project aims to put the person at the centre, given the aging of the Western population and the increase in life expectancy, there is a growing need for solutions that are efficient, intuitive, comfortable, inclusive, ergonomic and safe. The ultimate objective of this research is therefore to propose solutions that support people with reduced motor capacity in daily activities, personal care, clothing, cooking, home care, physical exercise, work and free time contributing to his emotional well-being. In addition to guaranteeing these functions, our products must be economically accessible and compatible with the surrounding environment.

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