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A rapid and economic solution could be the stereolithography with trasparent resin!

The stereolithography produces three-dimensional high impact aesthetic designs using resins that simulate plastic materials such as ABSTransparent Polycarbonate or Polypropylene.

This is a rapid prototyping technology that uses the principle of the production additive; The machine uses heat generated by the laser to solidify the photosensitive resin only in the quantities needed to make the object.

The transparent prototype can be subjected to complete treatment to make it glossy, at least on the outside. A critique of this geometry is represented by the curve and internal stairs that make it more difficult to manually clean the surface.

In addition to the glossy details, it can also have other finishes: transparent finish with opal effect or sandblasted transparent finish. And in any case can be painted, if you want to have a part or more colored, and satin.

Or contact us, we will advise you the most suitable solution to your needs!

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