Dimensional quality control: definition, usefulness, who to contact

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Dimensional control: definition

In the industrial sector, dimensional control allows you to measure geometric dimensions and tolerances.

Furthermore, with this activity it is possible to overlay the scan obtained with the native 3D file and obtain the analysis of the deviations.

This service is performed thanks to digital systems also used for reverse engineering.

Dimensional control can be performed in different phases of the production process, both initial and once production has started.

Dimensional control


The purpose of the dimensional control is to identify possible defects in the product compared to the original CAD model.

In essence it is a IT process performed with latest generation optical scanning and laser tools, which allow the 3D file to be recovered from a physical object.

The software used performs the comparison against the original CAD model and highlights the deviations using colors.

Dimensional control

This operation allows you to identify areas to correct and quickly focus on the improvements to be made to the production cycle, reducing the time and costs of the modification intervention.

Furthermore, dimensional checks are fundamental to evaluate the conformity of a component to the design specifications.

The technologies used

We use optical detection systems from GOM, a German industry that develops and produces measurement solutions and technologies.

The system highlights:

  • Global deviations from CAD
  • Punctual deviations compared to the CAD
  • Integrated measurement and analysis reports

Measurement volume: 300x230x230 mm – for larger details the measurements are made in several parts.

Shape accuracy: 0.01 mm

Distance accuracy: 0.05 mm

It is essential to carry out dimensional checks both in the prototype and production phases.

Also because checking the correct size of the pieces is an essential phase of the quality control that follows any type of mechanical processing.

Our case studies

The check we carry out involves a surface analysis with point analysis.

Each TAG indicates the tolerance detected at that precise point.

All deviations of the scanned model from the mathematical model are indicated via the color scale on the right.

Tolerances and measurement ranges are fully customizable.

In fact, it is possible to enrich the report by adding specific controls, on sections or by implementing tolerance, shape and position controls.

Our services

The Dimensional Control service includes various activities including:

  • Measurement reports and color analysis;
  • Internal and external dimensional analysis with chromatic scale;
  • 3D deformation and deflection analysis;
  • Three-dimensional digitization.

Basically the objective of this service is to analyze the conformity of production and detect defects and deviations from the CAD.

This allows you to intervene immediately on the production process and take action to optimize production.

Why choose Coesum

Dimensional control is the best tool for maintaining a high and constant production quality standard, guaranteeing the conformity of the objects produced and their correspondence to the project specifications.

Coesum supports companies in the manufacturing sector with a complete dimensional control service, as well as design, prototyping and mass production services.

Thanks to ISO 9001 certification, we can guarantee accurate quality control protocols.

At the end of each production, our technical team carries out a visit and random verification tests.

To guarantee the best possible service, the customer can request specific dimensional checks with the release of dimensional certifications and analysis reports.

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