Design and restyling of a conditioning system diagnostic machine

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Today, we would like to talk to you about our collaboration with Oksys, a leader company in hardware and software manufacturing in the A/C and textiles industries. We were delighted to collaborate with Oksys to re-design the top of a conditioning system diagnostic machine they made for world’s leading Magneti Marelli.

Starting from the structural metal base of the machine, our architect Giovanni Annese studied and fully designed the upper part containing: display, printer and manometers which will be subsequently produced by thermoforming.

Architect Annese presented two different renderings as per customer’s instructions.

The first, in the photos below, has a symmetric blue color and yellow logo, with a functional pocket to hold operator tools in using the machine. The display is restrained in plain form for a more comfortable and pleasant reading.

The second rendering shows a more asymmetric machine. The upper part is split by the logo, colors are inverted with respect to the first rendering, but the display position remains unchanged. We can see a more “irregular” but “dynamic” aesthetics, of course the functionality of the machine is still the same.

In both proposals, the architect has also redesigned the positioning of side handles, more manageable and design.

We thank Oksys for getting us involved in this innovative and interesting design project.

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