Dental Led Lamp

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Customer objective: To develop an ergonomic and aesthetic grip for advanced LED technology lamps for dental use. The customer needed to reproduce the central and internal part of the product to improve the balance of the light beam and the orientation in order to reduce the risk of glare.

Solution proposed by Coesum: The solution, based on the technical specifications expressed by the customer, was the realization of the product in stereolithography to obtain a better level of detail and aesthetics; the details have been painted with RAL code indicated by the customer.

Results: The prototype model was in compliance with the shared specifications and allowed to carry out assembly and ergonomic tests simulating the functionality of the finished product.

FARO S.p.A., founded in 1948 by Osvaldo Favonio, designs and manufactures equipment for dental unit builders, dental offices and dental laboratories. The commitment to date carried out with commitment, love and dedication has led the company to play an undisputed leadership role in the sector on a global scale. The daily focus is on research and product innovation aimed at functional and ergonomic design as well as production followed in Italy to meet high quality standards.

The project started by collecting the customer’s technical specifications in order to share the objectives to be achieved. We sugegsted to use the stereolithography, a technology suitable for the production of prototypes with a good degree of precision that allows to realize a model with high aesthetic impact for checks and ergonomic tests. After processing the .STL file, we moved on to the preparation of the platform and the production of the prototype, to follow the usual operations of cleaning the supports, sanding of the piece and painting.

The prototype made it possible to also carry out tests on the lighting system of the lamp and the innovative lighting system designed to improve visibility in the pre-operative area, performance during surgery and reduce the doctor’s visual fatigue.

Our staff has actively contributed to the realization of the product with meticulous attention to details, following all the finishing steps, dimensional verification and assembly of the parts.

Thanks to rapid prototyping technologies, in a few days and at low cost, our customer had the opportunity to have a product to test, validate the engineering phases before moving on to the final industrialization and mass production of the molded parts plastic. In a short time the development phases were validated and all the steps for the launch of the product on the market were started.

Thanks to Faro spa for involving us in this project!

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