Who we are


Coesum, Cogito Ergo Sum , an ancient language to say I think therefore I am and to describe our Mission: transforming ideas into new products .

We welcome the ideas and objectives of our customers, making them our own and interpreting them by mixing experience, craftsmanship and industrial technology to develop a final proposal and implement it concretely.

Noi di Coesum, chi siamo

Twenty years ago we were passionate about design, 3D and industrial production, working every day to strengthen our know-how, our Cogito, to keep up with the conceptual changes of three-dimensional design and technological innovations in terms of rapid prototyping and production, creating a new Sum each time. A heartfelt thanks goes to all our customers because they give us every day a new challenge to transform into opportunities for development and growth, both personal and professional. We believe that the exchange of ideas and the synergy between skills and professionalism create new skills that are more than the sum of the parts, and that generating innovation by colliding ideas as Steven Johnson says is the fuel of our work.

We are ready to turn your ideas into new products!



Marilena Di Felice

Technical & Sales Manager

Rocco Santoleri


Production director

Aldo Giansante


Marketing & Sales // Design & Engineering

Marketing & sales

Romina Liani


Engineering & Production

Virginia Sinni


Design Manager

Giovanni Annese


Techinical & Sales // Administration

Technical & Sales

Massimo Melatti


Technical & Sales

Enrico Castellano



Donatella Di Felice


Stefania di Fabrizio



Giulia Giansante


Responsible Rapid Prototyping Dept.

Manuel Della Valle

Rapid Manufacturing Dept.

Vito Taddeo

Rapid Prototyping Dept.

Vincenzo D’Amico

Rapid Prototyping Dept.

Emiliano Di Meco

CNC Machining Dept.

Simone Giansante

CNC Machining Dept.

Danilo Patricelli

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