Coesum's Design with Oksys for the birth of "Ermes"

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We had the pleasure of collaborating with Oksys, a company specializing in the production of hardware and software in the A / C, contributing with our Industrial Design department to develop a new diagnostic machine of the automotive air conditioning system, “Ermes“.

Hermes is a high-tech machine, fully automatic ie without any manual tap and touch screen display.


The need to Oksys in June 2014 was to achieve a plastic cover, by supplementing to a chassis plate, and upholding all the electronics.

The solution formed by Coesum, through the figure of the architect Giovanni Annese, has been to create pleasing aesthetic lines in harmony with the other components of the product: two wings from slender profile and a solid metal base and, using a suitable technology to production of a reduced number of parts and of medium size, that is to say thermoforming.

In addition to the aesthetic it was also appreciated by Oksys the solution to obtain in the plastic cover lines a “pocket” at the base to allow the maintenance personnel to support its tools

We thank all the staff at Oksys for having involved us in this innovative and interesting design project.

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