COESUM for Innovazioni 2019 Confindustria Chieti Pescara

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Also this year with great honor we have realized the awards for INNOVATIONI of Confindustria Cheti Pescara: 5 Spirals of Innovation of which 2 in bronze for the great companies Acqua e Sapone and Elica and 3 in silver for the winning projects of the innovative PMI and Start-UP category.

The spiral of innovation, an award conceived by our designer Giovanni Annese, is produced in stereolithography, a rapid prototyping process suitable for the production of very precise models with a high aesthetic impact.

Two well-known entrepreneurs received the spiral in bronze, champions of 2019 Innovations for large companies Ennio Barbarossa President of Acqua e Sapone company, for the extraordinary innovative capacity in distribution, and Francesco Casoli president of Elica SPA company for his foreign entrepreneurial ability linked to development of the territory and local resources. As every year the name of the samples has been reported on the spiral, because the stereolithography allows the realization of even very small details.

The silver spirals were delivered to the winners of the PMI StartUP 2019 category The “METAMER Special Award” went to the most innovative start-up: the DUING platform for the meeting between university students and companies. It is a community of over 10 thousand subscribers and companies that have found a decidedly innovative system to approach a particularly complex generation. A unique opportunity for students and graduates who can earn while learning to confront the dynamics of the companies themselves Maico awarded the best start-up project in the medical field: Procanib by NIB Biotec. A biosensor, similar to a common pregnancy test, to diagnose prostate cancer more efficiently than standard procedures by avoiding prostate biopsy. A revolutionary tool to achieve results in a very short time and at low cost. The most interesting project in ICT given by Termotag Consulting and Resources. A thermal cuff that in contact with the lower part of the wrist, can change the body temperature of the wearer. It helps people to “suffer less” both the heat and the cold, leading them to improve their thermal comfort.

Thanks and congratulations to Confindustria Chieti Pescara and to the Innovative Services section for the now undisputed success event

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