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We are pleased to confirm that this year we will be present at the Borsa della Ricerca which will open on May 28th in Fisciano at the University of Salerno

3D printing is at the height of the revolution in terms of technology, materials and much more; for this reason we considered it necessary to make ourselves participants in an event of this magnitude to discover excellent research on the territory that is involved in the study of technologies and rapid prototyping processes.

COESUM is personally committed to a research project for the development of a new material to be used in additive manufacturing that increases the performance of the materials used in rapid prototyping. This research was launched in collaboration with the University of L’Aquila thanks to funding from the Abruzzo region POR FESR Abruzzo 2014 – 2020 Action 1.1.1 and Action 1.1.4 titled “Study of innovative product and process based solutions on the industrial use of Advanced Materials“, as part of the Public Notice for the support of Industrial Research Projects and Experimental Development of the companies related to the Domains identified in the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy RIS3 Abruzzo.

The research fellowship aims to nurture economic and innovative development between the Ministry of Education, Universities, research centers and enterprises by creating and stimulating a connection of ever-evolving relationships.

Special thanks to Fondazione Emblema founder of the unique format of its kind!

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