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What we present today is an innovative dispenser for radiopharmaceuticals Comecer company, world leader in the field of nuclear medicine and specialized in management systems, processing and dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals.


Clio is a stand alone volumetric dispenser for filling syringes and vials, and complies with cGMP guidelines for radiopharmaceuticals.

We had the pleasure to collaborate in the production of the white upper casing shaped dome that, thanks to this property, fully guarantees the action of the laminar flow in order to perform dispensing with the open bottle or by the rubber stopper (transseptal).

Clio has been realized through silicone replicas  mold when casting was white food polyurethane resin with FDA certification. The choice of material, the part of the client is closely linked to a security against contamination by toxic agents in the case the cover was accidentally scratched by the robotic arm that full.


We started with a master supplied to us by the client on which we have created the silicone mold and performed a first production cycle. Next, to improve the matching of geometries to customer design casing, we produced a master’s degree in rapid prototyping with our stereolithography and with whom we have built a new mold and performed other production cycles, ongoing.

Thanks to all the staff Comecer for trusting us with this very interesting project.

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