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The motivation of our daily work is enclosed in one word: Innovation. It is the spirit that moves our customers and in the specific case of Verso Techologies company becomes a 360 ° product. Let’s talk about the Verso One ring, a wearable device that can connect and interact with any electronic device.

This Italian start-up was born in order to design such devices that can connect man and device and make them interact quickly, intuitively and functionally without the need for specific programming knowledge.

Verso connects via USB or Bluetooth and allows you to answer a call, control a drone, play video games, or lower the volume of your favorite playlist through human movements. Its algorithm recognizes the main components of human art movements and translates them into command for the application in use

Our support focused on the realization of a first aesthetic and functional prototype of the ring to test the basic functionality of the object and imagine new future implementations!

Verso team collected over 50 investors who loved the project and decided to invest on it. You can support Verso One project on

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