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The case history we will talk about today concerns our collaboration with Dot System S.r.l. in the province of Lecco, leader in the production of TCMS applications, support applications for rail vehicles, MVB (Multifunction Vehicle Bus) systems for on-board communication and solutions for passenger information and entertainment (PIS systems and ‘Infotainment’).

Dot System’s mission is focused on creating new entertainment solutions, increasing the management system in the railway market and implementing new communication technologies.

Our collaboration was born to produce a first test series of TrainPAD®, a high quality device characterized by a 9, 10.6 and 12.1-inch high-resolution LCD display with a robust ‘multi touch’ interface ‘NFC’ , stereo sound and other advanced and interesting features. This device allows to offer, thanks to the powerful Ethernet and HDL technologies (the latter proprietary Dot System), a wide range of multimedia services, including the possibility to download the ‘apps’.


Thanks to Dot System we have again tested the validity of our production processes with which we have been able to produce, in a few weeks, a preserie of monitors of two different sizes with replicas from silicone molds. This technology is suitable for the production of plastic parts of different hardness and is often used for initial sampling, generally over four to five pieces, with a good aesthetic result. This process is often used for sampling production; in cases where the product runs are low and do not allow the passage to standard production processes, it can turn out to be a real production process, thanks to the performances of the polyurethane resins, very close to the final plastics. Specifically for the Dot System product we produced the details with the PX225 that was not chosen by chance, being a white material has facilitated the subsequent painting.

Dot System has chosen to paint the monitors to optimize the finish of the pieces and achieve an aesthetic quality similar to the final product.

At the end of the production of the pieces it was possible to proceed with the assembly of the other components and start the presentation of the product.

Thanks to Dot System for choosing COESUM!

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