Case history: silicone replicas on a production lines

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Typically the replicas from the silicon mould are used to carry out a first pre-series of cases and mechanical parts for devices or equipment, but it also happens that a production of this type is used on a production line of optical lenses! Organize and keep efficient a production line is not a trivial process, especially when there are wear parts that must comply with specific dimensions and features, often carry out with special design, inevitably impacting on the company’s portfolio.

Our client Barberini is specialized in the production of optical lenses, from time he resorts to various housing as a protection for its operators and for the lens compared to the process waste continuously. After careful design and tests with prototypes made with additive manufacturing technologies we have come to define a final geometry of course become customer property and which is subject of periodic supply on usury average basis.

What was the advantage of such a choice? The ability to produce small batches of objects very similar to ABS material that responds well to the protection needs and does not weigh down the load on the line and does not hinder staff operation.

In addition to the materials similar to common thermoplastic such as ABS, PA, PC there are also polyurethane resins with characteristics of self-extinguishing V0 and anti-flame that find also space in critical sectors such as aviation and land transport.

The replicas from the silicone mould is therefore reveal a useful alternative, when all the conditions permit, the production from pilot or prototype mould with a considerable saving in terms of time and costs!

Do you need advice inserting components on your production line? Contact us via the form side, our technicians are at your disposal!

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