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We have been involved by Smart-i Srl (, in the production of Sense pre-series, the functional and formal evolution of the SmartEye sensor made previously by the same Smart-I. It was designed with a friendly and linear form to be easily integrated into the urban architecture; Sense SmartEye is installed on street lamps and in very busy places, such as shopping centers, ports, airports and railway stations.

Thanks to its extensive algorithms of artificial intelligence, it is able to promptly detect a wide range of dangerous events such as fire and smoke, suspicious objects, also by detecting the face and identifying the vehicle license plate. Monitoring crowded areas, it guarantees the highest level of protection from suspicious and dangerous events in public places.

They used a parametric 3D modeling software to design the plastics and it was really essential for the rapid realization of the project. The software allows to modify the details of the device on the basis of study models that follow the dimensional requirements in order to allocate the electronic components.

The prototype was created using the Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) technique and subsequently designed for polycarbonate injection molding. The choice fell on the SLS to exploit the physical and mechanical characteristics of the nylon and to quickly verify the design alternatives. At this stage it was possible to test the complete product on the field and then move on to a more consistent production.

The pre-production we made is the first production batch installed at Smart-i’s customers: complete products both from a functional and aesthetic point of view, which allow to manage a small production with the quality of the large production.

Thanks to Smart-I for choosing COESUM!

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