Case History: Premio Innovazioni 2017

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Again this year we will be present at the 2017 edition of the Premio Innovazioni organized by Sezione Servizi Innovativi of Confindustria Chieti-Pescara and Pepe Collettivo Cultural Association! The event will be held on 10 and 11 November at the Gabriele d’Annunzio Aurum hall in Largo Gardone Riviera in Pescara. For more details, please visit the site dedicated to the event:

The 4th edition has now been consolidated and dedicated to innovative companies that, with their innovation projects, promote the growth of our production system; PMIs that have distinguished themselves from the other, showing their ability to overcome the difficulties and know how to compete in the markets.

Again this year, the award to “Innovation Champions of Large Companies” will be the Innovation Spiral; designed by the Architect Giovanni Annese and inspired by the theory of evolutionary innovation that finds expression and personification in form.

The award will be made by our STAFF with one of the best prototyping technologies for additive manufacturing: stereolithography. With this technology, you can produce any geometry from a three-dimensional file; the process involves the polymerization of a liquid resin by means of a laser that solidifies the material by constructing the geometry for horizontal layers. This technology is widely used to produce aesthetic details that, as in this case, should be painted or worked superficially to obtain a particular aesthetic yield. Last year we decided to give a ramato effect as you see in the photo, this year we will surprise you with other textures!

But let’s take a look at this year’s participants:

  • REM TEC SRL with Agrovoltaico project
  • PROXICAD SRL with Applicazione di realtà virtuale alla progettazione meccanica project
  • TRANSTEC SERVICES SRL with progetto Brochesia- B View project
  • FARAONE INDUSTRIE SPA with Elevah 65 e 80 ES Move project
  • LAZZARONI S.P.A. with Germovita 4.0 “il biscotto della felicità” project
  • MVM MARZULLO DI MARTINA DI PRENDA with Ideazione e realizzazione di un Papillon di design in legno project
  • OFFICINE PIACENTINI DI MAURIZIO UGLIOLA with Kuriosa- Sistema di mensola a ventilazione forzata project
  • MOVIMENTO UNIVERSALE UMANI IN DIVENIRE with La Geovilla Umana e i Geovillaggi Ecolandia project
  • EZY DOC SRL with Q-EZY project
  • LA CUCCUMELLA with RiNascita project
  • EQPROJECT SRL with Sharexls project
  • WHITE RABBIT SRL with Suite di applicativi per web business project
  • MARCHEGIANI DESIGN with Supervak X By Klindex project

You can find more detailed information on the projects here:

In conclusion, we wish the best to these SMEs that have had, why not, the courage to look beyond what has become everyday life and create projects to make tomorrow more innovative and stimulating; let the best win!

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