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We would like to inaugurate a new monthly editorial appointment by bringing the case history and direct experience of our customers in developing their products and projects with intense hours of work, reflections, upgrades to finally achieve the desired result. Hopefully you can also tell your experience soon!

The case history of today concerns the collaboration with the Italian company Vega Srl, the leader in the production of electronic systems and accessories for lifts that involved us in the production of the prototype of a transparent, high-aesthetic display that should have simulated Better the ABS features and realized in the shortest possible time.

The best technology used could only be the stereolithography with transparent resin.

The stereolithography produces three-dimensional aesthetic effects, using resins that simulate ABS, transparent polycarbonate, as in this case, or polypropylene.

It is a rapid prototyping technology that uses the principle of additive production; The machine uses heat generated by the laser to solidify the photosensitive resin only in the quantities needed to make the object.

The extreme workability of the material makes it easy to remove the substrates and stratification marks by obtaining a smooth surface and adapts to numerous finishes including varnishing, metallization or screen printing.

For this reason we have initially defined prototypes made in stereolithography as having a high aesthetic impact.

We would like to thank all the staff at Vega Srl for being involved in this interesting project and to test the performance of details in additive manufacturing every day.

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