Case History: Innovazioni 2015 Award

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Few days before the 2016 edition of the Innovation Award organized by the Innovative Services Section of Confindustria Chieti-Pescara and the cultural association Pepe Collective we tell you how it came from the hands of our designer Giovanni Annese the concept of the recognition given to the winner of ‘2015 competition, of course, without revealing anything about 2016 prize! The competition aims to reward those SMEs who have distinguished themselves by launching innovative products, services, manufacturing or organizational processes and have been able to overcome difficulties and compete in the markets, triggering the growth of our production system.

la spirale dell'innovazione 3

Architect Annese was inspired by the evolutionary theory of innovation that combines the company and the management of its strategy to a living organism that adopts a developmental behavior, flexible and adaptive than external circumstances; the outcome of these choices characterize the company as enthralling or bringing up the tail of the market. The spiral which is used to graph the model shows how the four fundamental moments pass through the perception of weak signals, leading to the first generation of variances with micro creativity and then spread to the selection and development of initiatives that will ultimately consolidate because generate mutations on the corporate structure. The process is a constant flux because the viewing and listening of the surrounding environment must not be interrupted, as it should never be rested the arrangement to the structural and organizational flexibility, otherwise the company will stay out of the market in a very short time.

Our designers have therefore thought to represent the path that these SMEs have certainly faced as an endless spiral which rests on solid foundations and as they arrive at its peak tapering its construction lines because to “innovate” is by definition ” to introduce something new” and in its early days is a little-used road waiting for the followers later. When innovation settles become customary, the company runs more solid and wide streets and at the same time has listened again to what happens in the environment to trigger a new virtuous cycle. The acknowledgment delivered last year was made using the technique of stereolithography, an additive rapid prototyping technology that produces three-dimensional models in material similar to the final plastic, with a high degree of aesthetic finish that allows coating, metallization and other very appealing texture, in the specific case it is a coppery effect.

The 2016 edition of the Innovation Award will be held on 4 and 5 November at the hall Gabriele d’Annunzio of Aurum in Largo Gardone Riviera in Pescara. For more details you can visit the website dedicated to the event:

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