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We like to tell you a little ‘us through the case history of the Italian Hoau Ltd. which has designed and developed an innovative access management system for hotels and private homes. The main idea of ​​the project is the abolition of traditional physical keys or magnetic badges, in favor of a touch-screen terminal in which entering the PIN sent by the application via SMS or email on our smartphone.

render design

The advantages according to the creators are manifold and are not reflected only on the final customer for the speed recording, speed access and security, but also on the user who obtains less energy dispersion in the process of recording and can rely on a system already tested and optimized.

The company asked our collaboration to draw on the touch screen monitor that acts as a user interface to the system and we developed it from an electronic existing. The design proposals were merged into the solution that you see in the picture below, with some aesthetic touches. Our designer insert the border between the body and the display panel to give the possibility of a double finish on the final mold, that is, polished and embossed to increase the aesthetic impact. The protrusion on the upper part of the body is born as a protection for the screen especially in the case in which the access terminals are arranged to the external inputs of hotels or residences. The project has followed the established process for new product development: parts engineering and rapid prototyping for assembly and testing the product.

The innovative idea of ​​Hoau Ltd. does not overlook even the green side of home automation: thanks to the integrated software allows for careful management of energy resources of the fully rated room to save energy.

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