Biomedical projects and Biomedical product design: guide

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What is biomedical product design and how to develop biomedical projects

In Italy as in other countries the sector of medical devices and biomedical projects is undergoing extensive development.

Biomedical projects

The industrial fabric of the companies operating in this area is very heterogeneous, highly specialized and involves startups, small businesses, up to large international groups.

Product development in the medical and diagnostic sector can be very challenging; the factors involved in innovation are numerous and the level of knowledge and specialization of the engineers and operators working in this area is very high.

In this article you will find guidelines for the design and manufacturing of medical equipment.

The importance and product design in this sector is on the rise; the aesthetic study, ergonomics and product customization are indispensable requirements for those who have to start the development of a new device.

All this greatly influences the use of plastic materials that allow for geometries of shape unthinkable with conventional technologies.

Not all types of plastics are safe for application in a medical or healthcare setting; for this reason the regulations are very stringent and limiting.

The plastics used in this area must have a wide variety of requirements such as resistance to chemicals, sterilization, radiation and magnetism.

Non-toxic requirements in the presence of body fluids or tissues are the standard, and in many cases heat resistance is required.

The materials used in the production are many:

polyethylene (PE),

polypropylene (PP),

ThermoPlasticElastomer (TPE),

polyamide (nylon o PA),

Cyclo Olefin Polymer (COP),

polystyrene (PS) e HIPS (High-Impact Polystyrene),




glass-filled nylon,


policarbonato (PC),

Polibutilene tereftalato (PBT) .

Alcuni esempi nel mondo

Product development in the biomedical field has not slowed down.

In addition to well-established and multinational companies, there is also a large growth of start-ups and companies producing biomedical projects.

Best ranks the best companies also in the medical field in every country of the world.

In Italy in 2021 there have been 86 companies TOP Medical who have developed software and electronic devices and products in the biomedical product field.

Some of our projects

In the portfolio there are many projects in the medical field that we have followed.

Our experience in this sector is very consolidated and we have more than 100 projects in this sector alone.

Biodecontamination system

A challenging project for the design study on a new and innovative system for environmental biodecontamination designed to best meet GMP requirements.

The customer’s goal was to develop a model customized in form and function. A product with great attention to the aesthetic study of the shape but which respected very well-defined operating specifications. A challenge perfectly in line with our know-how and our expertise concentrated for over 20 years in the development of new products.

Compact laboratory analyzer

A device designed for small and medium-sized laboratories. On this project we followed all the industrial design, prototyping and molding of the plastic parts

Ex vivo perfusion of the organs

This device allows the kidney and liver organs to be transplanted to be kept alive as much as possible.

For this project we have followed several steps in co-design.

Our experience in rapid prototyping and vacuum casting technologies was fundamental to carry out all the certification steps of the device. Today we produce plastic molding parts with ABS and medical TPE.

Why contact Coesum

Our method for the development of biomedical projects includes 5 main steps:

  • Product design : after the collection of the project specifications we give shape to the aesthetic proposals and related rendering.
  • Engineering : Engineering and optimization of parts according to production technologies.
  • Rapid prototyping : first working prototype for mechanical, thermal, seal or aesthetic validation tests.
  • Rapid Manufacturing : pre-series to anticipate product launch, certification or to produce highly customized lines.
  • Molds and production : design and construction of the mold suitable for production. Molding for plastic and aluminum parts.

The added value in this area is twofold:

  1. Ability to follow all stages of development: this allows us to follow the entire process or part of it while maintaining the value we can bring to the project.
  2. Functional design: our product development and design department was born and raised within our production area. This experience allows you to have full awareness and knowledge of the critical issues in the prototype and production field and helps to give value to all design projects. Each aesthetic proposal that is presented is designed to satisfy the design of the product and contains all the minimum production requirements.

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