BeN - Bed Navigator Intelligent system for the handling of hospital beds

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Info Solution S.p.A. is an Italian company specialized in consulting services for production of highly technological projects. For over 15 years Info Solution has been developing embedded electronic systems, from defining the specifications to production working with small and big businesses active in different sectors: aerospace and defense, telecommunications, transportation, energy, medical and industry.

The collaboration between Coesum and Info Solution S.p.A. began with the BeN – Bed Navigator project,  an intelligent system for the handling of hospital beds with anti-collision system. (

The frame and the brain of the BeN – Bed Mover were designed by Info Solution team, while our Architect Giovanni Annese worked on the design of the protection and fitting plastics. Since the product was intended for hospitals always struggling with reduced space, it was very important to limit to the possible the overall dimensions, focusing on the ergonomics of the control panel and the overall lightness. For this reason our designer imagined to use in production the thermoforming technology and to compose both the front and the side part in two halves with slots that allow to lock them to the frame through screws and bolts that are not visible.

The plastics of the first prototype were made in several parts by milling from the full plastic material (ABS) and assembled on the machine in the customer’s own laboratory.

The transparent side inserts were instead made in stereolithography, leaving visible the anti-collision controls and sensors and the “dead man” safety system which stops the machine when the operator voluntary pressure is lost.

The first tests confirmed the goodness of the project so that Info Solution entrusted us an upgrade with the aim of reducing the overall dimensions of the system and simplifying the aesthtics lines with excellent final results.

The front part of the BeN – Bed Navigator is narrower and simpler in lines with handles for manual operator gripping, controls and sensors at sight compared to the first release. Even the side band is narrower and in this second version it houses hulls in sheet metal instead of plastic, except for a red rear insert in the compartment that houses one of the driving wheels.

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