Alumide prototypes for metal-like performance

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How to produce prototypes in PA + Aluminum with SLS selective laser sintering technology

Thanks to the sintering technology of nylon powder it is possible to create prototypes in PA with the addition of aluminum powder capable of giving the prototypes particular mechanical and thermal characteristics.

The powder has a characteristic gray color which makes the prototypes made of Alumide even more aesthetically similar to the details in real metallic material. Like all prototypes made of nylon powder, also those in Alumide have a surface roughness that can still be improved with some post-production finishing interventions.

The prototypes made of Alumide have good mechanical properties and are used as installation and tooling templates but also in case of applications that require good abrasion resistance. The presence of metallic dust means that the prototypes made of Alumide also have good thermal dissipation, reaching a value of 170 ° C from the technical data sheet.

To download the technical datasheet click here


  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • To be reworked through CNC mechanical processing
  • Balanced relationship between density and rigidity
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Possibility of post-production surface finishing treatments

Some exemples

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