A 3D printable sound-abosrbing structure

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The French National Centre for Scientific Research of the University of Lorraine has developed a new type of sound-absorbing structure that seems to have all the characteristics to be described as “perfect“, it is also playable with 3D printing!

This new surface promises to absorb almost completely (99.7%) any acoustic wave, even at low frequency, while presenting itself with a thin frame easy to use and ideal for a large scale in areas such as construction.

inquinamento acustico

The basis of this innovation we find the meta acoustic surfaces, materials whose structure is able to divert the path of the acoustic and also electromagnetic waves. This is not a black hole where everything is incorporated, but rather a clever play of mirrors that cancels the spread of the waves making them collide each other. To complete a  so delicate task, invisible to human eyes, it is necessary that such materials have a structure with a very high degree of precision, and it must have characteristics of homogeneity, anisotropy and resonance (Source: http://www.rinnovabili.it/).

Traditional sound absorbing structures have a layered structure, where each layer is in charge to absorb a specific wavelength, thus increasing the overall dimensions of the panel. The innovative surface created by the French researchers only consists of two layers “agreed” to intercept low frequencies around 123 Hz.

The ability to play this surface via 3D printing can mark the successful turnaround for its dissemination and commercialization, with great benefit to the citizens quality of life.

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