3D printing, urban design products with recycled plastic

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Being far-sighted not only leads to the discovery of new technologies, but also to the transformation of the materials that surround us and we use it every day.

It is on the basis of this idea that the Dutch design studio The New Raw has given life to the project called Zero Waste Lab: an invention of extraordinary “re-use” for the creation of urban furnishings with plastic recycled by the citizens themselves.

One of the first cities to which this initiative has been extended is Thessaloniki in Greece, the Print Your City installation: “Can we, as citizens, take advantage of plastic waste and use it to build our cities? Of course we can! With the power of recycling and 3D printing! It recovers plastic materials that are widely used, works them and transforms them into a raw material for 3D technology “.

The idea was taken by Coca-Cola, making citizens feel involved in the design of their city. How? … Through the Print Your City portal they can suggest ideas, new colors and new forms to furnish their city with taste, functionality and originality.

Right on the Thessaloniki seafront, thanks to recycled plastic and 3D technology, the first benches on which citizens can enjoy their days have come to life.

The goal will be to use all 4 tons of recycled plastic transforming it into various furnishings, in order to pass on a very important message to safeguard the environment, which must be absolutely protected.

Our congratulations to an ambitious, innovative, green as well as high aesthetic impact project, which marks a crucial step for a different and valuable use of a material as common as plastic.

For over 20 years, Coesum has been operating in the field of 3D printing, rapid prototyping technologies and various industrial uses to support companies and start-ups focused on the development of new and innovative products. Innovation today may not be enough, and in this project there is certainly a distinctive element that makes it a winner from every point of view.

3D printing technologies were born and developed mainly in the automotive sector, later thanks to the many advantages that the use of rapid prototyping has allowed, it has reached a global use in all industrial sectors. Very often the use of additive manufacturing is linked to the development of a new product for which a restyling is usually done on an aesthetic level; it is in this area that this technology gives its best … no shape limit, maximum design and design freedom … … … and it is the beginning of the intelligent redesign of our urban spaces!

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