3D Printing runs at Tour the France

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The Tour de France is the oldest men’s cycling event; it holds regularly every year since 1903, interrupted only by the two world wars of the last century. Over time, he has maintained charm and prestige, but the technological evolution has enhanced the improvements, those lawful course, in terms of sports performance of the participants.

2016 edition has a particular attraction for us in the industry given the choice of Giant-Alpesin team to create the racing outfit of the Dutch cyclist Tom Domoulin using rapid prototyping technologies.

Photo Credit: Marco de Swart

This particular “suit” has been designed in collaboration with TU Delft researchers, starting the first full optical scanning of the athlete’s body from a myriad of possible angles, and then reconstruct the solid model using the additive printing technologies. This allowed us to be able to work on an athlete’s realistic mannequin in his absence and the speedy creation of the suit.

manichino stampato in 3D di Dumoulin

The team assembled Dumoulin mannequin in race position on the bike and subjected it to wind tunnel tests to develop the best aerodynamic solution taking into account all the factors involved, including tissues.

The researchers hope that the dress tailor will earn fractions of a second major by the cyclist.

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