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Recently, some of the most innovative, creative and unconventional artists of the international music scene have shown how 3D technology, declined in its various expressions, is the perfect tool to get amazing stage effects.

It is the case of Lady Gaga, born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, who to better prepare his show at the Grammy Awards 2016, dedicated to the eternal David Bowie, chose to use the 3D in all its forms, watch this video:

Intel and 3DSystem were official technology partners of the event, as leaders in the use of software and hardware technologies for scanning and 3D modeling, to achieve the critical components of the show. Specifically to better manage the reproduction of special effects on Lady Gaga’s face at the opening of the exhibition, the staff of the singer well thought to scan her face and make a three-dimensional model with a stereolithography machine. By doing so they could plan in detail the sequence to project and study the real effects on the artist forms. Surely you have noticed the true “jewel” of the show: the orb-like rings “Lady Bowie” was wearing, this too made with the same rapid prototyping technology, more guards inside a sophisticated Intel processor that reproduces in real time her movements on the big screen behind her…. Fantastic!

Another special mention goes the collettive The Mill and directors Dom&Nic for the extraordinary design of Chemical Brothers video for the single “Wide Open“. Enjoy the video, you will soon understand the born of this title!

To bring these extraordinary special effects they scanned the body of the young dancer and then with a clever (and patient) cut&sew, worthy of Valentino couture dresses, have created this hybrid creature. The bone structure represented seems also printed in 3D, is not it? The overlap of the images has been anything but tiring as this behind the scenes shows us: the dancer wore a special suit full of sensors that recorded in 3D to its dancing and using sophisticated modeling software it has become the skeleton of the same girl.

Without giving too much attention to empathy that these artistic performances may raise or not, we want to emphasize how the three-dimensional scan is variable, even outside the usual field of industrial production for which it was born. The entry of numerous competitors on the market has triggered an exponential improvement of technology and an approach to multiple requirements thanks to more tolerable price ranges, becoming a resource, even in the medical field, for example by opening the way to digital dentistry.

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